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Power Tools

Cordless drill, impact driver, Dremel tool, oscillating saw blade, and drill bits

Locations & Availability

TECVarious toolsAvailable during staffed hours in the Co-Lab Studio at TEC
RubyVarious toolsAvailable during Rubenstein Arts Center hours
LillyVarious toolsAvailable during staffed hours in the Co-Lab Studio at Lilly

Tools included at each location (but not limited to):

  • Drills 
  • Impact Drivers 
  • Oscillating Multi-Tools
Pro Tips 
  • The table in the TEC Garage is designed for more wear-inducing tasks like hammering or drilling! That being said, please be kind to the table and don’t damage it more than you have to. 
  • If you’re working with PLA from the 3D printers, the best way to add thread for a bolt is with a threaded insert, or you could print out a small hole, drill it into a slightly larger but perfectly sized hole, and then tap that from there. 
  • Make sure to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when dealing with things that make loud noises or could fly into your eyes!
  • Can I take a tool with me and bring it back later? 
    • No, tools can’t leave the space. If you take a tool, it means that nobody else can use it. 



Availability: Staffed Hours, Location: TEC, Material: Metal, Material: Plastic, Material: Wood, Type: Hand Tool