Our Co-Lab studio at the Rubenstein Arts Center (Ruby) is the best place for learners and makers who love the intersectionality of Art and Tech.


This studio is one of our three (3) makerspaces on Duke's Campus, and lives in beautiful Ruby on central campus. It is the best place to get acquainted with some of our more craft/art driven offerings such as silicone molding, soap making or hand engraving.  It also features high-tech equipment including 3d printers, laser cutters, and a full size CNC machine.

Where is the Ruby Studio?


You will find the Ruby studio in the back right of the Rubenstein Arts Center (diagonally opposite to the main entrance).

Rubenstein Arts Center

2020 Campus Dr


The Rubenstein Arts Center building hours: 

Monday through Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 1pm-6pm

3D printers and manual tools are available at all times regardless of staffing. 

Today's staffed hours: 

Laser cutters and milling tools are only available during staffed hours. 
Additional tools are available for reservation (see Reservations & Loans).

What is at the Ruby Studio?



The studio is accessible whenever the Rubenstein Arts Center is open. 

Equipment & tools found at the Ruby: 

Some of the equipment in this space cannot be used without being turned on by a staff member, but no prior training is necessary to use the tools. 



Additional equipment other than that listed above is available through our reservation request form

  • Ultimaker S3 (although generally available at all times, printers can be reserved for projects)
  • Shopbot

Need Help Getting Started?

Getting Started with 3D Printing

Tool Reservation Form

For any reservation or question regarding reservations, please click the link below.
Make a Reservation

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Have other questions or requests not mentioned above?

Email us at colab-ops@duke.edu