The TEC Studio is our flagship location on West Campus. This space features a large variety of resources ranging from hand tools to digital fabrication equipment, meeting rooms and workspaces.


The many resources available at the TEC studio are supported by knowledgeable staff providing expertise and consultation to meet your project or learning goals. The studio is open to all of the Duke community regardless of background, experience, affiliation (student, staff, faculty), or use case (personal and academic). The Co-Lab at the TEC is also the home to most of our Roots workshops and technical office hours

Where to Find the TEC Studio?



The TEC building hours: 

Open 24/7 (card access only after 5pm)
All tools and equipment located in the Workspace are available at all times regardless of staffing.

Today's Staffed hours:

All tools and equipment located in the Garage are only available during staffed hours.
Additional tools are available for reservation (see Reservations & Loans).

What's available at the TEC Workspace, Garage, and by Reservation/Loan


Available at the Workspace

The workspace is accessible at all times and is the place to work on projects and pick up prints.

Equipment & tools found in the Workspace:


Available at the Garage

The Garage at TEC is accessible during staffed hours, no prior experience necessary to use the garage tools.

Equipment & tools found in the Garage:



The equipment below is available at the TEC through our reservation request form:

Need Help Getting Started?

Getting Started with 3D Printing

Tool Reservation Form

For any reservation or question regarding reservations, please click the link below.
Make a Reservation

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Have other questions or requests not mentioned above?

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