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Revopoint Pop 2

Reveopoint Pop 2 compact 3D scanner

Locations & Availability

TEC1By reservation only: please submit Innovation Co-Lab's reservation request form

The Revopoint Pop 2 works best on subjects no smaller than 20cm3.

What to Bring 

Whatever it is that you want to scan and a laptop with Revo Scan installed.

Pro Tips 
  • For transparent and highly reflective subjects, you’ll want to make them matte with something like a semi-permanent scanning spray or a matte spray paint.
  • How does the scanner work? 
    • It has an infrared projector that projects a pattern and a pair of cameras that can see that light. This gives it a grayscale image that it can pull a lot of contour data from, which it sends to your computer.
    • In short, it’s optical, not LIDAR. 


Availability: Reservation, Location: TEC, Type: 3D Scanner