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Manual Mill

Manual Mill

Locations & Availability

TEC1Available during staffed hours in the Co-Lab Studio at TEC Garage
  • With a drill bit and the drill chuck loaded, the Manual Mill is ideal for drilling holes in materials like wood, plastic, and metal.
  • While the mill has an endmill and collet installed, the Manual Mill can machine soft materials like plastic and aluminum.
What to Bring 

Your material.

Pro Tips 
  • You can adjust the height of the mill by loosening the two bolts in the back left and the crank on the right side. 
  • By adjusting which pulley the belts run off of, you can adjust the RPM. 
  • The cranks for the axis’ have adjustable numbered collars on them, so you can set a specific position as “0” and then rotate a specific distance to the left or right. 
  • You can set a specific maximum plunge distance by adjusting the height of the silver collar on the threaded section above the tool head. 
  • You can swap the plunge controls between the three handles on the quill handle and the dial on the front by tightening down the black knob in the center of the quill handle.
  • How do I swap between the drill chuck and the collets? 
    • If you open the lid on the top of the mill, there’s a single black hex bolt at the top of the spindle. If you spin that enough, the currently loaded drill chuck/collet will drop out of the bottom of the mill and you can load in a new tool! 
  • What size collets does it use? 
    • R8 collets, which can be found in the Misc. Bits, Drills, Endmills, and Collets drawer.


Availability: Staffed Hours, Location: TEC, Material: Metal, Material: Plastic, Material: Wood, Type: Mill