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Documentation Station

A place set up for taking photos of your projects that has black, white, or green backdrops and two adjustable lights.

Locations & Availability

TEC1Available 24 hours a day
What to Bring 

Something to photograph, and something to photograph with! There are cellphone mounts if you don’t have a camera.

Pro Tips 
  • The lights are super adjustable, so move them into the location you need! 
  • If the backdrop is really dirty or scuffed, just trim it and continue rolling it down. 
  • Use the clamps at the end of the paper to clamp your backdrop to the table. 
  • The lightbox can use a number of different backdrops and has built-in LEDs if you plug it in. 
  • The cellphone mounts on many of the arms around the Co-Lab can be unscrewed to use with a camera.
  • Post your projects on Instagram and tag @innovationcolab!


Availability: Unstaffed Hours, Location: TEC, Type: Photography