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Cricut Hat Press

Cricut Hat Press (curved heat press)

Locations & Availability

TEC1Available 24 hours a day

The Cricut Hat Press is compatible with Heat-Transfer Vinyl (HTV) or with Cricut’s Infusible Ink line of materials (for compatible fabrics only).

What to Bring 

You’ll want to bring your vinyl and whatever you’re adhering it to. 

Pro Tips 
  • To set the hat press to a specific temperature, you can pair it to your phone via bluetooth.
  • How do I press the hat press against the hat? 
    • The hat press comes with a hat form that you place inside your hat so that you have something to press against.
  • Is the hat press only for hats? 
    • You can use the curved surface of the hat press for other curved surfaces, but the contour is designed to match hats best. 


Availability: Unstaffed Hours, Location: TEC, Material: Vinyl, Type: Hand Tool