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Brother SE625

Brother SE625 embroidery machine

Locations & Availability

TEC1By reservation only: please submit Innovation Co-Lab's reservation request form

Embroidery machines work great on woven and nonwoven fabrics and other soft goods. 

What to Bring 

You’ll need to bring a .pes file on a USB drive as well as the material you want to embroider. You’ll likely need to figure out what tension to use, so bring scrap material to test on. 

If you need specific colors, you’ll want to bring your own embroidery thread, which is not the same as sewing thread or embroidery floss, as the materials we supply are limited. 

There’s no good way to generate .pes files, but Inkscape with the Ink/Stitch plugin is free. 

Pro Tips 
  • If the thing you’re embroidering on has a lot surrounding it, like the center of a sweatshirt or blanket, it’ll be difficult to scrunch it all under the arm of the embroidery machine, and you might want to consider embroidering your design on a separate piece of fabric and then sewing that onto your thing. 
  • The embroidery machine doesn’t cut threads as it goes, so if you have a bunch of separate designs like text made of letters, there’ll be runner threads between them that you’ll need to snip later. However, the embroidery machine will snip thread when it’s done with a particular color of thread, so you can potentially use this feature to cut the running threads. Your mileage may vary. 
  • The automatic needle threader is different from other sewing machines, but very worth learning how to use, as it’s one of the best. 
  • When in doubt, you can use the Brother SE625 embroidery machine manual.
  • How do I embroider small things like patches? 
    • Our hoop is 4”x4”. If you need to embroider things smaller than that, you’ll either need to bring your own hoop or sew it to a larger backing piece that you then embroider onto, trimming your patch to size after it’s done embroidering.
  • Can I use the embroidery machine as a sewing machine? 
    • Yes, but that would require swapping the foot used and you should use a standard sewing machine at that point, since they don’t require a reservation.


Availability: Reservation, Location: TEC, Material: Fabric, Type: Sewing Machine