Cinema Robot


Project status: Active


I spend most of my free time making videos - specifically sports videos of Duke Athletics for Duke Student Broadcasting. I currently bring two cameras to every game and switch between the zoom lens and the wide lens as the action plays out. The downside of this is that when I switch between cameras (say during a fast break when the player is running full speed at you), I miss parts of the action.  I want to build a robotic tripod that mirrors the exact movements of one camera onto my second camera. I will place a gyroscope on the camera I am holding which will read the orientation of the camera and send that information to a 2 axis robotic stand that will position the second camera to follow along with the action. It has to be consistent, quiet, lightweight, durable, strong enough to hold a Sony a7siii camera (8lbs max) , and have smooth motion.



George Grune, Pratt, 2024


Grant Project