Adjustable Wheeled Transportation Mechanism


Project status: Active


We aim to design and build a wheeled-attachment that can be quickly locked in place to any pair and size of sneakers, effectively transforming them into Heelys. This accessory will be adjustable in both length and width, adapting to various shoe sizes, ideally using a rack and pinion mechanism. The project’s significance lies in its practicality: getting us to class in the style and comfort of our favorite shoes.
The initial engineering problem revolves around ensuring that the wheeled attachment can handle different forces—both static and dynamic—while being adaptable to various shoe sizes. To tackle this, calculations are made to determine the forces acting on the attachment during rolling, braking, and standing still, as well as to understand how well the system can distribute a wearer's weight. Additionally, specific materials will be chosen based on their ability to withstand repeated stress, offering durability without sacrificing lightness.

In the design phase, the CAD models go beyond just the adjustable rack and pinion system. We will prototype to fine-tune various elements such as the optimal dimensions of the wheels and their placement on the attachment. The wheel size and placement are specifically chosen to maintain balance and allow for smooth transitions between walking and rolling. Practical considerations such as ease of locking and unlocking the system, braking efficacy, and the system's overall ergonomics will be factored into the design.
After the prototype is built, its performance will be evaluated. Tests will be conducted to ensure the attachment withstands everyday wear and tear, retains its locking integrity over time, and meets safety standards, such as maintaining stability during abrupt stops or on uneven terrains. This comprehensive approach aims to deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds the specified design criteria, but also accounts for real-world conditions and constraints for daily use.



Emily Yagoda, Project Co-Lead, Pratt, 2025

Kaelyn Pieter, Project Co-Lead, Pratt, 2025


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