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Zak Weinberg's Truth Zak Weinberg's Epiphany

Arts and Snacks study break at the Co-Lab Check out Zak's installed sculpture at the TEC and grab a snack!

Thursday, April 25th 3pm-5pm

About Zak

Zak Weinberg (b. 1993) is a multi-disciplinary sculptor and fabricator. He received a BFA and certification in Public/Architectural Art from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida in 2016. He currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, assisting Thomas Sayre in his studio, and Clearscapes with their Public Art projects.
Through the alter-ego Grebniew Kaz (name backwards), a relationship has been forged with a laser cutter, creating and exhibiting machine fabricated wood relief sculptures. Together, they draw inspiration from the visual dialect of architecture, cultural patterns, historic symbolism and motif; utilizing digital precision techniques to transmute future artifacts, envisioning a modern identity for global unification. Each piece is an expression of universal language to celebrate the harmonious balance of difference.

Zak Weinberg and his Truth


Throughout the week

Watch Zak work on a new art piece for the Innovation Co-Lab. See the schedule below to see where to find him and when!

April 5 - Ruby

Check out Zak’s art at the Ruby and learn about some of his pieces.

April 8 - Ruby

Event Kickoff - Join us at lunch time to learn about Zak’s process and design inspiration (pizza provided).

April 9 - TEC

Roots Class (1-3pm) - Learn how to use Illustrator to make mandalas (TEC) just like Zak.

April 10 - TEC & Ruby

  • Make your own mandalas (if you went to class on Tuesday, use that design, or if not, designs provided).
  • Night at the Ruby (6:30-8pm) - Meet and Greet

April 11 & April 12 - TEC

Fabrication of sculpture at TEC in public space. Come and help or work on your own mandalas.

Event Kick-off April 8th | 12pm-2pm

Zak Weinberg is a multi-disciplinary sculptor who specializes in digital machine fabrication techniques. Inspired by architecture, geometry, and cultural patterns, Zak transmutes wooden relief artifacts with the assistance of laser-guided alchemy. Come to the Rubenstein Arts Center and meet the artist as a kick-off to the week-long residency of working in the Co-Lab studios. Enjoy a presentation on creative process and influence, followed by the opportunity for question and casual discussion. Food will be provided!

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Zak Weinberg Square Series

Roots Workshop April 9th | 1pm-3pm

Come to the Technology Engagement Center and participate in a hands-on Adobe Illustrator workshop, led by artist-in-residence Zak Weinberg. Whether you are interested in learning creative applications for laser fabrication, or you just want to boost your vector designing skills, Zak will be sharing advanced techniques and tools developed over years of experience. After exploring and experimenting with geometric principles, layering, intersecting, and generating patterns, participants will have the ability to create their own laser-cut sculptures.

Interested? Don’t forget to reserve your seat for this exclusive workshop!

Participate April 11th - April 12th

Join us at the Technology Engagement Center to collaborate with the artist and create your own sculpture! Zak will be in the Co-Lab studios working on a new piece of art and assisting others in the fabrication of their own. Workshop (see above) participants can continue to develop their personal designs and transform them into physical objects. Pre-made files will also be available for use, for those who may be late to the fun. Learn finishing and assembly techniques, cut out your piece in the studio, and be a part of the creative energy in the Co-Lab.

See you there!