Our Weekly Community Build Night

Studio Nights are our regular, informal gatherings of like-minded students who are interested in innovation, experimentation, and generally creative uses of technology. We don't have any agenda for these events - it's up to you how you want to spend your time. Think of it as a low-stress hack-a-thon, but without the sleep deprivation. We'll have mentors on hand to help with your projects, match you up with potential partners, or generally conspire on something awesome.

We meet pretty much every Tuesday at 6pm in the Studio in the Technology Engagement Center.

Humans of the Co-Lab

At our Studio Nights and any other events, you'll meet a ton of creative, intelligent, and generally awesome people.  We've started a little collection of photos to represent the kinds of folks you'll meet through the Co-Lab.  Check it out and click on the links to see the album on Facebook.

Please head over to our Facebook page for our latest Humans of the Co-Lab photos!