Need a place to build something? We've got you covered.

Over the first few years of the Co-Lab, we've provided great resources and support for software projects, but we've left the hardware projects behind. We needed a home for this kind of work, so we opened up our Innovation Studio in 2015 to support this. But a few hundred square feet was not enough, so maybe a few thousand will do.

Welcome to the new Innovation Co-Lab Studio in the Technology Engagement Center.

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The Technology Engagement Center, Telcom Building

The Technology Engagement Center is in the first floor of the Telcom Building on West Campus. Completely renovated in the summer of 2016 to house the Co-Lab as well as a variety of other IT services.

Duke University Maps view of Telcom Building

Regular Hours

11-8pm Sun-Fri

The Innovation Studio will be staffed by student employees for the hours shown above, however the Technology Engagement Center, including the main Studio, will be accessible by DukeCard after hours as well. The Garage, our special area for higher-end and supervision-required tools, will only be available during staffed hours.

Live Schedule

What's in the lab?

The philosophy behind the Innovation Studio is to have a one-stop shop for anyone, regardless of skill and experience, to come in and be able to make a product through an iterative design process known as Digital Modeling and Fabrication. The studio has all the equipment that you need to conceive of, design, and prototype all kinds of products and designs.

Marquee Tools


3d Printing

We currently have over 60 3d printers at the Studio, which can print in a variety of materials, sizes, and resolutions:

  • 40 Ultimaker 2's - FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), PLA, ABS, Nylon and other thermoplastics. Single extrusion, approx 9" x 9" x 9" build area. Very reliable workhorse.
  • 5 Ultimakers 2 Extendeds - Approximately a 9"x9"x12" build area. This just like the Ultimaker 2's but taller.
  • 4 Ultimaker Go's - Smaller, portable printers great for training and classroom use.
  • 2 Makerbot 5th Gen - Desktop printer.
  • 1 Markforged - High Strength 3d printer for making "usable parts" that is orders of magnitude stronger than traditional 3d prints.
  • 5 Printerbots - FDM, PLA plastic, single extrusion, approx 6" x 8" build area. These "hacker" printers are much less plug-and-play but much more controllable. We're working on a networked solution for these printers.
  • 3 FormLabs 1 - SL (Stereolithography), UV-curing resin, approx 6" x 4" build area. This printer uses a different technology to print from the other 5, which allows for much higher resolution prints and different possibilities with geometry, at a higher cost. We encourage students to test their designs in the FDM printers, and then do a "final" print on the FormLabs if the geometry or resolution offers an advantage.
  • 2 Formlabs 2 - Improvements in many areas from Formlabs 1 printers
  • 1 Open Gigabot - Large format 3d printer.
  • 1 Mcor ARKe - Desktop color 3d printer.

Cloud Service Printing

Our 3D printers are connected to and managed by a cloud system called 3DprinterOS - This open platformed is licensed by OIT for all of Duke. Any member of the Duke community can use this software to manage their print jobs, even remote printing is possible. Stop into the lab to get an access code and a quick run down about how to use the system.

To get started with 3d printing at Duke, we have a full online course available at Duke Extend. The course will get you up and running on our 3DPrinterOS system. Check it out at Duke Extend.


CNC Capabilities

All of our CNC machines require staff supervision. If you'd like to use these tools, please visit during our staffed hours listed above.

Shopbot Desktop

The Shopbot Desktop is a CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Router. Using software, we can create toolpaths of specific 2d (or 2.5d) designs that can be run on the machine to cut materials such as wood, plastics, and even aluminum. Our Shopbot is a desktop model, meaning it has 3 axes of movement (x, y, z) and can accept sheet material at sizes up to 24" x 18". The Shopbot cannot be used unless a full-time (non-student) staff member is present and providing oversight.


The Carvey is an entry level CNC machine for doing small work or just getting started in this field. It's simple to use and fast to get started on smaller projects.

Tormach 440

The Tormach is our industrial strength CNC machine, specifically designed for high-end machining in strong materials like metals.


Laser Cutting

All of our laser cutters require staff supervision. If you'd like to use these tools, please visit during our staffed hours listed above.

We have two laser cutters, an Epilog Zing, desktop-style 30 watt CO2 laser cutter, and a larger Fusion M2 60w standalone machine. It can operate in two different modes: raster and vector. Raster mode is for engraving into the surface of materials. You can take photographs/images/text/etc and use the software to engrave into a variety of materials, including wood, some plastics, some metals, and acrylic. Vector mode is for cutting custom shapes through thin materials by using a slow moving, high powered laser.


We have a variety of electronics for use in the Studio, including a few Arduinos, Raspberry Pi's, and an assortment of sensors and accessories. We also have wires, resistors, and a breadboard or two for setting up quick circuitry. Soldering equipment, power supplies, oscilloscopes, multimeters, and a few other items are also available for use.


Digital Modeling Workstations

We have three 27" iMac Retina 5k workstations for doing advanced 3d modeling and rendering. These machines feature maxed out specs for quick work of details operations.

Other equipment and Tools

  • Makerbot 3d Scanner
  • Skanect Camera for 3d Scanning
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Variety of Hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers, sockets, clamps, drill)
  • Variety of small power tools (drills, circular saw, sanding, oscillating tool)
  • Soldering Iron
  • Hardware (screws, nails, etc)
  • MFT Table
  • Dremel Rotary Tool

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