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Where is it? When can I go? What’s there?

Need a place to build something?  We've got you covered.

Over the first few years of the Co-Lab Studio, we provided great resources and support through our single location at the Technology Engagement Center (TEC). But Duke is a large campus, one spot for work just wasn’t enough. Over the last year we’ve added two new locations on East and Central Campuses. Maybe three labs will be enough.

Questions?  Email us at colab-ops@duke.edu


The Co-Lab Studio in the Telcom Building

The Co-Lab Studio is located in the Technology Engagement Center on the first floor of the Telcom Building, West Campus.  Completely renovated in the summer of 2016 to house the Co-Lab as well as a variety of other IT services, including TEC VR.

Duke University Maps view of Telcom Building

Ruby Makerspace

The Ruby Makerspace is located in the back of the Rubenstein Arts Center and purpose built to give arts minded students access to tools that would accelerate their creative works.

Duke University Maps view of the Rubenstein Arts Center

Lilly Library

The makerspace located in historic Lilly Library is near the front door on the first floor.  This fabrication outpost supports a variety of small tools and fifteen 3D printers.  3D scanning is also available in this space through the front-desk checkout program.

Duke University Maps view of Lilly Library

Staffed Hours

TEC – 10am–8pm Sun–Fri
Ruby – 2pm–7pm Sun–Fri
Lilly – 4pm–8pm Sun–Fri

The Co-Lab Studio is staffed by student employees for the hours shown above, however the Technology Engagement Center, including the main Studio, will be accessible by DukeCard 24/7. The Garage, our special area supervision-required tools, is only available during staffed hours.

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