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Who says learning has to be about seemingly serious subjects? Check out our VR & Gaming Development track and get started on your journey to creating and coding for games! Get some knowledge about Unity and its coding language, C#, or get transported to a new reality with VR!

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These are courses that we've offered in the past, and hope to offer again in the future. Check back again soon to see if we have a session planned for these courses, or sign up for our newsletter to hear when we announce new opportunities.

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Introduction to Unity

Unity is game engine popular for making indie games (Kerbal space program), mobile/phone apps (Pokemon Go), and VR games (Beat Saber). In this introduction we will learn about the interface of the Unity editor, add some objects into our world, and finally build out to a standalone desktop app.

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Introduction to Social VR and World Building in Mozilla Hubs

 In this workshop we will go over some of the different Social VR platforms and their tradeoffs, and then get hands on with one specific platform: the open-source browser based Mozilla Hubs.

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Coding in Unity (C#)

Unity is popular lightweight game engine that has been used to make such hits as pokemon go, kerbal space program, and beat saber. This class builds on the "Intro to Unity" roots course, that is offered earlier. In this course we will delve in scripting in C# which will allow to produce projects that are interactive.

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