Self Paced Courses

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Create Wordle with Python

Learn how to create the hit 5 letter word guessing game wordle with Python.

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Cybersecurity Self-Paced

If for the past two years, your Google browser has been informing you that you have 32 compromised passwords and you have yet to change any of those passwords because you’re 100% sure you’ll forget them and get locked out of all of your accounts, have we got the class for you! As part of our expanding self-paced content, we are offering a new cybersecurity course on EdStem. 

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Git Self-Paced Course

Want to learn git? Sign up for our Git course hosted on EdStem. 

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Linux & the Bash Shell Self-Paced

Want to learn about Linux & the Bash Shell? Sign up for our self-paced course hosted on EdStem.

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3D Printing

3D printing at Duke is designed to be simple and accessible.  It's our belief that there should be as few barriers between the designer and the hardware as possible.  With that in mind, we have created this primer for accessing and using the 3D printing portal that powers the CoLab and many of our other partner labs. 

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Advanced Python: Uno

A very fun game to program and play

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Basic Drilling and Milling

Mill / Drills are a great combination product that gives the user the functionality of a heavy drill press and a light mill.  In this training we'll discuss how to use this machine effectively. 

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CNC Router: Feeds and Speeds

When programming CNC routers, the speed you move your cutter through the workpiece is a critical variable. There are many free "Feeds and Speeds" calculators if you don’t want to think about it. But, if you prefer to understand the underlying concepts, check this out.

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This tutorial covers the basics of Django including installation, initializing a project and understanding how Django works. 

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Docker: Images

Dock here to learn about Docker and how it uses images to help you develop and deploy your web application.

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Getting Started: Laser Cutting

Laser cutters are powerful tools in the Innovation space that use a laser like a knife to either engrave or cut objects.  In this series, you can expect to learn about laser cutters, how they work and how to use them.  

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Getting TRAINed on RAILS

Practice your Ruby on Rails skills in this tutorial. Set up your own Rails app, create and modify the database, and add relationships between models!

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Quick Start: Epilog Laser Cutters

A Quick-Start style guide for using the Epilog Laser cutters in the CoLab Studios.

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Ruby Exercise: Mad Libs

Practice coding in Ruby by writing a Mad Libs program!

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SSH keys for your VM

Log into your Virtual Machines faster and more securely with SSH Keys!

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The Bash Challenge

Just started speaking Bash? Try it out!

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Audio, Video, Pictures: Use and Storage

Learn how to add pictures, videos, and audio to your page and how they are stored.

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Git SSH Keys

Connect your local computer and git by establishing a secure connection through ssh keys!

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How to "Git" on with it

Git installation, setup, creating a repository, ssh-ing, and useful commands to make changes, navigate git, and tackle complications.

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How to Reorder with CSS Grid

This short tutorial will walk you through the magic of CSS Grid

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Introduction to OAuth

What OAuth is, how it works, and steps for setting up OAuth with Google, Facebook, and Duke. Helpful for adding logins and accessing APIs within your application.

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JavaScript-ing !

The basics on how to integrate JavaScript to make your HTML interactive

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MERN Stack

Create your own full-stack web application using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js!

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Setting up Gitlab CI

Ever wish there was a way to test and make sure your new code works with the code being developed by your teammates before it all merges in gitlab? Want to avoid unnecessary gitastrophes and continue developing? Find out how you achieve all this and more with GitLab CI!

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strptime is a function in many language libraries (C, Python, Ruby, PHP, PERL, etc) that parses strings to a date-time standard. This tutorial shows how to use the function and why it's useful

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The Purpose of a .gitignore File

Learn about what the .gitignore file is used for, common globbing patterns, how to create a local or global .gitignore file and more!

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A tutorial on Vue.js basics covering introduction, installation, initializing a project, running, understanding vue structure, components, props and directives

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