Data Visualization with Shiny

Let's say you created some really awesome interactive data viz in R, and you shared the GitHub link with your families. Your family is probably going to be really confused. Not to mention showing all the hard work you did with data manipulation and how you got the conclusion. The good news is Shiny can help you with all of this! Hopefully you've got some Shiny experience. If not, you should checkout the Intro to Shiny workshop at Co-Lab! Look no further, let's go started!

Anni Yan | Innovation Co-Lab Developer & Instructor
Anni is a recent grad from Duke University, and she is working at the Co-Lab now. She is passionate about data visualization, game designs and web development. Outside of work, Anni loves to hangout with Yuki(her cat), bake and play games.

About Course


  • Create a data visualization project with R and ggplot2
  • Choose appropriate data visualization
  • Manipulate data with dplyr
  • Use Shiny widgets
  • Design the layout of the Shiny app
  • Knit the app and create a shareable link


  • Understand the difference between R and CSS
  • Gain experience in Shiny Widgets
  • Create a user friendly report withe Shiny
  • Compare different types of data viz



Intro to R, Shiny Basics, Front-end dev Basics

This class is part of our Research Computing Track

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