Intro to Shiny

This series is intended to assist students and researchers (with some experience in R) migrate their important work and results from the desktop (R and RStudio) to the web.
Shiny is a package that helps you develop web pages in an R environment. Using Shiny lets people, with no knowledge of R, interact with your data, models and results on a web page. In this new series, hosted by the Innovation Co-Lab and Research Computing, learn how to interactively tell your research story and migrate your important work and results in R and RStudio to the Web.

Anni Yan | Innovation Co-Lab Developer & Instructor
Anni is a recent grad from Duke University, and she is working at the Co-Lab now. She is passionate about data visualization, game designs and web development. Outside of work, Anni loves to hangout with Yuki(her cat), bake and play games.

About Course


  • Overview
  • Examples, resources, and use cases
  • Review setup and anatomy of a Shiny app
  • Exercises
  • Helpful tips and debugging along the way


  • Understand the primary function of Shiny – to transform a static R script into a dynamic web application
  • Develop skills necessary to create and deploy a professional R and Shiny web application to make data and research results available to the public
  • Incorporate Shiny into the explore, research, and publish cycle




Students should have some experience with R. If you are unfamiliar with R, we recommend attending R workshops with Duke University libraries:


shiny-intro shiny-intro shiny-intro

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