CSS Deep Dive: Break out of the Box with CSS Shapes


CSS Shapes is a more recent addition to the CSS family. This cluster of CSS rules will allow you to have greater control over the way text display next to an image. Come to this workshop to learn how to make it follow a curve or create new shapes to build dynamic compositions on the web. A good understanding of CSS is recommended for this class. If that does not sound like you, try and take Create a Website: Styling and Create a Website: Layouts before this one.


  • CSS
  • Web Development

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3D Printing

3D printing at Duke is designed to be simple and accessible.  It's our belief that there should be as few barriers between the designer and the hardware as possible.  With that in mind, we have created this primer for accessing and using the 3D printing portal that powers the CoLab and many of our other partner labs. 

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This class is part of our Web Development (Front End) Track

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