Intro to Information Security Threats

In this session, we will explore the relationship between vulnerabilities, threats, and exploits. We will learn how attacks against systems occur, and how Security teams can defend against these threats. We will also learn to read vulnerability reports to assess risk to potentially vulnerable systems. We will then use this knowledge to examine the growing risk of running Internet of Things and common applications on the internet, and how to better secure these applications.

Alexander Merck | Analyst IT

This class will be hosted via Zoom. You will receive an email with the Zoom link a day before the class. Attendance will be taken and the session will be recorded

About Course


  • Difference between vulnerabilities, threats, risk, and exploits
  • How do attacks against systems occur?
  • Common defense tools and techniques for mitigating risk to a network
  • How to read and understand a vulnerability report
  • Methods for protecting your systems

This class is part of our Systems & Security Track

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