Intro to R


Are you interested in data visualization and data analysis? You've come to the right place. This workshop will cover basic setup, concepts, syntax and visualization in R, an open source programming language for statistical computing. We'll go through a series of exercises step by step, so have no fear! 

Anni Yan | Innovation Co-Lab Developer & Instructor
Anni is a recent grad from Duke University, and she is working at the Co-Lab now. She is passionate about data visualization, game designs and web development. Outside of work, Anni loves to hangout with Yuki(her cat), bake and play games.

About Course


  • Installing and configuring RStudio and GitHub
  • Syntax & Grammar
  • Loading data and packages
  • Basic data exploration
  • Mutating data frames
  • Basic data visualization with ggplot2


  • Learn to useR and RStudio to manipulate data
  • Data visualization in R
  • Learn how to use packages in R



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This class is part of our Research Computing Track

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