Intro to React

If you have experience in HTML, CSS and Javascript, and you want to learn a framework to make it easier to organize website structure, you're at the right place. React is a free and open source Javascript library that helps you build user interface. It is maintained by Facebook and the web dev community.

Anni Yan | Innovation Co-Lab Developer & Instructor
Anni is a recent grad from Duke University, and she is working at the Co-Lab now. She is passionate about data visualization, game designs and web development. Outside of work, Anni loves to hangout with Yuki (her cat), bake and play games.

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About Course


  • Set up a web page with React JSX
  • Create and use React components
  • Use props and states
  • Enable interaction with React events
  • Walk through of React lifecycle


  • Differentiate JSX with JS, HTML and CSS
  • Learn how to build components in React
  • Understand React lifecycle and passing props
  • Render web pages with React


  • laptop


Experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS


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1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: TEC - Classroom

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This class is part of our Web Development (Front End) Track

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