Create Your First 3D Models with OnShape

★ This workshop is part of the OnShape Certification Track (1/3) ★

Central to 3D modeling is the concept of Solid Modeling, this design approach is how most mechanical products you are familiar with are created. In this workshop we will learn easy to use tools that will allow us to make infinitely configurable shapes easily manipulated into complex objects. This class is a good first stop in your journey to creating practical objects. In this course, we will explore tools powerful enough to create useable objects for 3D printing or other applications. 

Solid modeling products are core tools in the disciplines of mechanical engineering and manufacturing, but you don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to use them. Many other disciplines will benefit from having the ability to create solid parts with the emerging accessibility of 3D printing and desktop machining. Learners will explore Onshape, an agile, platform agnostic cloud tool that can be quickly picked up. Solid modeling is a common foundational “first stop” on the path to more complex 3D modeling applications or methods. During the class, those in attendance can expect to discuss more about other disciplines and the tools they use as well as getting some advice about more advanced classes in the Digital Modeling & Fabrication Roots Track.  

Chip Bobbert | Analyst IT

  • CAD
  • 3D Modeling

About Course


  • How to navigate the UI of a common solid modeling program.
  • How to create “drawings” of their work (sketches). These are the building block of all 3D tools.
  • How to use constraints effectively
  • How to extrude components of a sketch to develop a 3D part
  • How to add 3D features to your part
  • How to export your 3D design for printing or milling.
  • Learn about other software tools used in the design industry.


  • We will create accounts for the tool used in class.
  • laptop



This class is a beginner course, but learners would benefit from having some basic 3d modeling experience, or can start with our Foundations of 3d modeling course.

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3D Printing

3D printing at Duke is designed to be simple and accessible.  It's our belief that there should be as few barriers between the designer and the hardware as possible.  With that in mind, we have created this primer for accessing and using the 3D printing portal that powers the CoLab and many of our other partner labs. 

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This class is part of our Digital Modeling & Fabrication Track

See the whole track

This class is part of our OnShape Certification Track

See the whole track

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