Laser Cutting with Illustrator

Whether you barely know Illustrator or have never touched the laser cutters (or you just want to come and make something with us) this class is a good starting point. In this class you will learn the basic use of Illustrator in regards to laser cutting while making a fun and easy project you will be able to take home with you. You will also be walked through the process of using the laser cutters in the lab so that next time you come by, you will know exactly what to do and how!

Note: Illustrator must be installed prior to this workshop. Duke students can download the software for free under the Adobe Creative Cloud link here:
Faculty and staff can download a free trial of the software here:
Adobe Creative Cloud

This class assumes that you have opened Illustrator before and know where most tools are located in the interface, but you do not need extensive experience of the program.

Sandra Bermond | Innovation Co-Lab Program Manager
Sandra manages the Innovation Co-Lab roots program as well as teaches several workshops. She has a background in web design and front-end development, as well as a passion for artistic endeavors regardless of the medium.

  • Illustrator

About Course


  • Intro to Illustrator
  • Finding an image or design
  • Creating a name tag in Illustrator incorporating the image or design chosen
  • Demonstration of the laser cutter in group of 4 or 5
  • Laser cutting of the name tags


  • Navigate Illustrator
  • Know the basic rules for laser cutting (stroke size, coloring)
  • Know where to find information to use the laser cutter
  • Calibrate the laser cutter
  • Produce a laser cut piece
  • Have fun



Having opened Illustrator at least once before this class is recommended as we will not go over the interface.

Attending Intro to Illustrator is suggested but not mandatory to those who have never used the app before.


Laser-Cutting Laser-Cutting Laser-Cutting

This class is part of our Digital Modeling & Fabrication Track

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