High Performance Computing and the Duke Compute Cluster

The Duke Compute Cluster (DCC) is a general purpose, high performance, Linux computing cluster with software used for a broad array of scientific projects. The DCC is made up of machines that the University has provided for community use and researchers have purchased to conduct their research. This workshop will provide Duke University researchers with a brief overview of Research Computing resources including the Duke Compute Cluster. The majority of the session will be a hands on tutorial using the Duke Compute Cluster: running interactive and batch jobs, using slurm job arrays, running multi-cre and parallel jobs, and specifying job dependencies. There is time at the end for questions and help on existing jobs.

Tom Milledge | Analyst IT, sr

Please note: students attending this class should already have access to the DCC. For more information on the DCC, including how to obtain access, visit: rc.duke.edu This course will be online via Zoom, link will be provided to registrants the day before the session.

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About Course


  • Overview of Research Computing resources
  • Duke Compute Cluster overview
  • Running interactive and batch jobs
  • Using Slurm job arrays
  • Running multi-core and parallel jobs
  • Specifying job dependencies
  • Live demo and questions


Students of this course should have access to the Duke Compute Cluster provided through an existing lab. See: https://rc.duke.edu/dcc Participants using Windows laptops will need to install an SSH client (if they haven’t before); a free one can be downloaded and installed from: https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html . (Mac users can simply use the Terminal application that comes with MacOS.)


Comfort with the Linux command line is required. If you need help with Linux command line check out our additional co-lab class: First Steps Into Programming: The Bash Shell and Linux


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1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Location: Online

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This class is part of our Research Computing Track

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