Backing up and Sharing Code: Git

Have you ever tried to use Dropbox for sharing code with collaborators on a project, but accidentally deleted someone else’s work? Ever wished you could undo that “improvement” you made to your program four days ago that you now realize breaks your code? Whether you’re working with others, or are coding on your own, using a version control system can make development a much more sane and enjoyable process, while facilitating team development and code sharing. Armed some essential Git commands that you’ll learn in this course, you’ll worry less and code more. We’ll focus on basic usage of OIT’s GitLab repository management system, but the techniques will be applicable to GitHub or other git-based version control systems. You don’t need to be an expert, but to get the most out of this course you should have some small level of familiarity with using a terminal to enter command-line instructions on Linux, Mac or Windows.

Danai Adkisson | Innovation Co-Lab Developer & Instructor

Anni Yan | Innovation Co-Lab Developer & Instructor
Anni is a recent grad from Duke University, and she is working at the Co-Lab now. She is passionate about data visualization, game designs and web development. Outside of work, Anni loves to hangout with Yuki(her cat), bake and play games.

  • Git

About Course


  • How Version Control Works
  • Creating Repositories
  • Making Commits
  • Pushing commits to remote repositories
  • Pulling and cloning remote repositories


  • Configure Git for use
  • Use Git to manage files from the command line
  • Create and manage repositories
  • Manage a remote repository in Gitlab

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