Introduction to Toolpathing in Fusion360

Introduction to Toolpathing in Fusion 360 continues down the path of feature exploration where students can expect to learn more about features of the tool for machining on popular CNC devices like the CoLab’s Tormach and ShopBot mills.  Often computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software tools are standalone products, Fusion 360 integrates those functions in to a simple-to-use interface. For those who already have CAD experience, Introduction to Toolpathing in Fusion 360 does not require prior completion of our Roots CAD classes. The instructor will demystify the world of computer aided manufacturing by leading the class through three examples of water jet cutting, CNC routing and CNC milling with CAD models provided.

David Bryan | Co-Lab Studio Manager


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About Course


  • Download and install software
  • Fusion360 UI tour review and new features
  • File sharing and importing
  • Create toolpaths for waterjet, CNC mill, CNC router


  • Learn to use Fusion360 as a pathway to Co-Lab digital fabrication tools


  • Fusion 360 (pre install software)
  • laptop (+ charger)
  • 3 button mouse (if you have one)


If you have no prior CAD experience, it is recommended that you take Introduction to Solid 3d Modeling with Fusion 360 first.


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3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: TEC - Classroom

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This class is part of our Digital Modeling & Fabrication Track

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