Make Simple 3D Models with Fusion360

This class will focus on the learning basic modeling concepts using the Fusion360 tool.  Fusion360 is a powerful and emerging tool in the modeling business that combines features found in tools targeted toward many different 3D industries.  This “many features in one tool” approach makes it a great Swiss Army Knife for general 3D practitioners.  In this class we will focus on the basic interface and create solid models through several exercises including designing our own Machinists Cube, a classic "Hello World" project. The class will also cover multi-part assemblies by modeling a simple box with sliding lid.

Chip Bobbert | Analyst IT, Sr

  • CAD
  • 3D Modeling

About Course


  • Download and configure Fusion (if needed)
  • Explanation of Fusion vs. other CAD applications
  • UI tour
  • 2D CAD exercises
  • 3D CAD exercises
  • Build class project 3D model
  • Discuss next steps in learning path


  • Gain familiarity with Fusion solid CAD modeling tools
  • Be able to create simple 2D and 3D solid models for digital fabrication
  • Take away files for creating your own Arduino enclosure


  • Preinstalling Fusion (free trial available) is highly recommended as it involves creating an account with Autodesk.
  • Windows or Mac computer (dual monitors if available)
  • 3-button mouse highly recommended


This course is the starting point for learning Fusion360, however this software can be challenging if you've never done any 3d modeling before.  If you have no prior CAD experience, it is recommended that you take our course on TinkerCAD or OnShape first.


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This class is part of our Digital Modeling & Fabrication Track

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