E-Textiles I

Technology is all around us in our daily lives, and we augment our own senses and experiences with tech like smartphones and smart watches, but how could we integrate those electronics into our clothes?

E-Textiles I covers a basic introduction to sewing and circuitry using conductive thread and LEDs, no experience required! We'll be sewing by hand, and all materials will be provided. Each attendee will be able to bring their circuit home with them!

Kits will provide you with everything you need to make a felt bracelet with multiple LEDs. With that said, you are free to design and make anything else you may want, especially if you would prefer adding the circuits to clothing or fabric accessories you already own!

Kevin Thies | Co-Lab Technician
Kevin's mother was a seamstress, but he was taught how to sew at a workshop much like this one when he studied architecture. Since then, he's sewn costumes, perplexing plushies, and alien installations with reckless abandon. His favorite hand tool and machine at the Co-Lab is the heat gun and laser cutters, respectively

  • Circuitry

About Course


  • Overview of Conductive Thread
  • Basics of Hand Sewing
  • Basics of a Simple Circuit
  • Component and Tools for Project
  • Draw Your Circuit/Components
  • Sew Your Circuit/Components


  • Get hands-on with hand sewing
  • Understand the basics of electrical circuits
  • Design and sew a simple circuit with LEDs onto a piece of fabric


Sewable circuit kit (provided):
* Conductive thread
* Coin battery
* Sewable LED lights
* Sewable battery holder
* Metal snaps
* Felt
* Size 4 needle
* Scissors
* Glue (potentially)


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