Electrify Your Gear

By Sandra Bermond, Bendte Fagge

Basic introduction to sewing with conductive thread and LEDs to build a simple circuit that when complete will illuminate the LEDs. No experience with sewing required! We’ll be sewing by hand and all materials will be provided. Take a break from looking at a computer screen and try this tactile form of creativity using technology. Each attendee will be able to bring their circuit home with them.

  • Circuitry

About Course


  • Overview of Conductive Thread
  • Basics of a Simple Circuit
  • Components and Tools for Project
  • Draw Your Circuit/Components
  • Sew Your Circuit/Components to a Shirt


  • Create and sew a design onto fabric or other material using conductive thread and LEDs.


All material is provided, but if you have a shirt, fabric, or other item (e.g., hat) you would like to use instead of a Co-Lab t-shirt, please feel free to bring it to the workshop.


Sandra Bermond

Hello, I'm Sandra. I am a program manager here at the Innovation Co-Lab, where I organize, manage and teach in our Roots program among other things. You may see me sitting around the studio (TEC) or find me at various tabling events on campus. I am also a big design enthusiast, specifically but not limited to graphic design, web design (UI/UX), and some sporadic furniture design.

Bendte Fagge

In her role as information architect + UX designer, Bendte loves partnering with clients and the DWS team to create easy-to-use websites that meet business goals and user needs. She is a creative problem solver who incorporates user-centered design practices into user research and recommendations for site structure and functionality. With her background in publishing and information science, Bendte has a keen eye for detail while also being able to see the big picture of what clients are wanting to achieve.



This class is part of our Mechatronics & Hardware Track

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