Branding: Build a Brand

By Sandra Bermond

Understanding brands and the effect they have on you is a good start in any branding journey, but building them will give you special insight into the world of design.
This hands on workshop aims to put everything you learned in the previous class (the Psychology of Brands) into practice. From deciding on a business idea to asking the right questions and unlock the attributes and values of a brand, to choosing fonts, colors, shapes and graphics matching those values, to creating a spot on looking brand guide.
The second half of the course will require you to use Adobe Illustrator or similar application. Students may get Adobe Creative Cloud for free (staff at a discounted price) through Duke Software.

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Branding

About Course


  • Brand Discovery Phase
  • Idea Generating Phase
  • Organization of Branding Criteria
  • Design Research Phase
  • Creation of Brand Guide


  • Organizing ideas and requirements to achieve a design solution.
  • Applying design concepts to a virtual business's branding.
  • Assessing and utilizing the right resources to create the brand guide.


- Laptop (all OS welcome)
- Adobe Illustrator or similar (please have one installed before the class)



Sandra Bermond

Hello, I'm Sandra. I am a program manager here at the Innovation Co-Lab, where I organize, manage and teach in our Roots program among other things. You may see me sitting around the studio (TEC) or find me at various tabling events on campus. I am also a big design enthusiast, specifically but not limited to graphic design, web design (UI/UX), and some sporadic furniture design.


If you have no prior knowledge about design or branding, we recommend that you do one of the following before attending this class:

Attend Branding: The Psychology behind Brands


- How to Create Strong Brand Positioning in Your Market
- What is a Brand anyway?
- What is Brand Identity?
- What is Brand Experience?
- The Meaning of Colors
- The Basics of Typography
- Illustration vs Photography



This class is part of our Design & Media Track

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