Intro to Arduino

Introduction to Arduino is a beginner-level class that will introduce participants to the exciting world of physical computing. Participants will learn about how to use microcontrollers in a hands-on workshop. We'll work from examples in the Arduino library to make an interactive LED and music project. No prior experience necessary.

David Zielinski

This class will be hosted in person in the Rubenstein Makerspace.

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  • Arduino

About Course


  • Introduction to microcontrollers
  • Intro to basic electrical theory
  • Intro to inputs vs output
  • Light coding (from examples)
  • Build a blinking LED project
  • Build an interactive "theramin" using photosensitive resistor and piezo


  • Students will be familiar with what microcontrollers can do and how to start exploring Arduino Uno's capabilities


Bring laptop with USB port (not USB C, unless you have adapter)


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