What is the Roots Program?

The Innovation Co-Lab's Roots Program is our series of technology learning experiences, including both live and self-paced workshops.  The program is free, non-credit, open to anyone at Duke (student, staff, faculty). With a focus on technology and hands-on experiences, we offer a wide variety of workshops ranging from intro to programing to designing and creating your own silicone molds to sewing your first tote-bag and more. You can view, register, and access all of our learning experiences on Pathways - a platform for discovering, managing, and tracking your co-curricular education at Duke.  A few highlights and upcoming opportunities are listed below, but be sure to visit Pathways for much more.

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A note about self-paced trainings

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We offer most of our self-paces learning experiences through a platform called EdStem.  This web application allows for a single-window experience for learning materials, videos, and live coding.  You should be able to access it directly via Pathways, but if you have any issues accessing it, you can try enrolling in the Co-Lab "course" (in EdStem terminology).  Joining the course will ensure that any links from Pathways give direct access to the correct lesson.  You will only need to do this once.

Enroll in the Co-Lab Course on EdStem