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The Front Door to the Innovation Co-Lab.

Our Roots Program is our series of workshops and lectures on technology topics, open to anyone in the Duke Community. Through these events and online platforms, students, faculty or staff of any skill and confidence level can comfortably start to gain an understanding of how to make use of a variety of tools and technologies. The goal here is not to make you an expert — we know that takes time — but to help you get to the point where you’re excited and confident about starting your own project or continuing your education. We offer workshops in topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, research computing, 3D modeling and fabrication, and many more.

If you’ve got an idea for a topic we’re not covering, or if you’re an expert in a topic you’d like to teach, let us know.

All classes are free — just enroll below.

Upcoming classes

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Archived Classes

Intro to Git

Gitlab-CI and Singularity

Introduction to HTML and CSS

Introduction to JavaScript

Introduction to Linux

Introduction to Connected Hardware

Fusion360: 3D Modeling for 3D Printing

Programming Fundamentals


Creative Coding with P5.js

Selling Your Idea With Video


Introduction to iOS

Text Analysis with Gensim

Ethical Hacking Workshop

Apache Spark for Beginners

Design Thinking

Conductive Thread

Good Karma Through Web Accessibility

Intro to Swift

The Art of the Pitch Video

Project Management: User Stories


Introduction to Programming in Python

Intro to APIs

A Little More Linux

3D Scanning

Researching With Social Media

Information Visualization UX

Advanced CSS

Paper Circuits