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Development Resources

  • VCM - Virtual Machine infrastructure for hosting your website or accessing containerized software.
  • Gitlab - Duke's own Git repository system for code version control and sharing.
  • Streamer - OIT's API system for accessing data sources including Duke directory, curriculum, and ePrint.

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Office Hours & Consultation

The Co-Lab also holds weekly office hours, where our student consulants can help you with your project or answer technology questions in their expertise, listed below. If you have questions about the Co-Lab Studio, you can just visit one of our locations and talk to the students on shift there.

Office Hours

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Name Role Times Expertise
Anni Yan Analyst, IT By Appointment Only: Unity 3D, C#, R, Python, UX Research, Game Design
Danai Adkisson Analyst, IT By Appointment Only: Software Development, Dev Ops Automation and Orchestration
Anna Mollard Lead Student Dev
  • Out for Summer
Java, Python, Git, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, MongoDB, SQL
Sandra Bermond Program Manager By Appointment Only: Roots questions and suggestions, design (graphic, UX and UI), responsive front end development (HTML, CSS, grid)
Ada Wong Student Dev
  • Out for Summer
java, python, frontend (html, css, javascript), react, flutter, swift, git, design (ui and ux)
Bisma Suleman Student Dev
  • Out for Summer
HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, Git, Adobe Creative Suite
Maryam Shahid Student Dev
  • Out for Summer
Linux, Bash, Git, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Front-End (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Python, Java, C, RISCV
Vaishvi Patel Student Dev
  • Out for Summer
Git, Ruby on Rails, React, Frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Java, Ruby, Python
Zhichen Guo Liau Student Dev By Appointment Only: bash, git, ruby, ruby on rails, html, css, javascript, Illustrator