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Development Resources

  • VCM - Virtual Machine infrastructure for hosting your website or accessing containerized software.
  • Gitlab - Duke's own Git repository system for code version control and sharing.
  • Co-Lab APIs - The Co-Lab's API system for accessing various data sources like identity, 3dprinter data, and ad hoc events.
  • Streamer - OIT's API system for accessing data sources including Duke directory, curriculum, and ePrint.
  • Duke iOS App Store - Internal App Store for Duke-created apps to distribute within Duke Community.

Also, check out our documentation for help with these resources and a variety of other topics.

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Office Hours & Consultation

The Co-Lab also holds weekly office hours, listed below, where our student consulants can help you with your project or answer technology questions in their expertise, listed below. If you have questions about the Co-Lab Studio, you can just visit one of our locations and talk to the students on shift there.

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Online Tech Support via Slack

Need some help on a project and you can't come to our Office Hours?  Find us on Slack for some quick help on your questions!  Just head to, create an account and post your questions there and we’ll be able to help you along the way.  Slack can also be used for project management within your team if you’re scattered across the globe or just across campus.  Just create a private channel and invite your team.

Office Hours

Can't come to any of these times?  Find us on Slack for support or to set up a time to meet.

Name Slack Name Times Location Expertise
Will Ye,
Technical Consultant
@Will Ye
  • Tuesday 3-5 pm Friday 1-3 pm
Co-Lab Commons at the TEC Full stack web development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Node.js, Flask), API design and development, web scraping, Processing/p5.js
Shamikh Hossain,
Technical Consultant
@Shamikh Hossain
  • Thursday 7:00 - 9:00 pm
  • Friday 3-5 pm
No Office Hours in week of 4/29-5/03. Have a great summer!
Co-Lab Commons at the TEC HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Full-stack web development, GitHub, WordPress, Jupyter Notebooks, Python for Data Science
Mike Liu,
Technical Consultant
@Mike Liu
  • Tuesday 11-1 Thursday 11-1
No office hour on April 11
Co-Lab Commons at the TEC Git, Web development, Node.js, macOS, Linux, VPS, development environment settings, Vim, Email deployment and maintenance
Sandra Bermond,
Program Manager
@Sandra Bermond
  • By appointment only
  • email
Co-Lab Commons at the TEC Roots questions and suggestions, design thinking (graphic, UX and UI), responsive front end development (HTML, CSS, grid)
Jeff Gula,
Co-Lab Developer/Educator
@Jeff Gula
  • By appointment only
  • email
Co-Lab Commons at the TEC Full-stack web development, Continuous Integration/Deployment, Project/Product Management
Michael Faber,
Co-Lab Program Manager
@michaelfaber By appointment only, email Co-Lab Commons at the TEC Project management and scoping, prototyping, design, user experience
Aman Ibrahim,
Technical Consultant
  • Sunday
  • Monday & Wednesday 12-3pm
No OH on 2/20, GTHC!
Co-Lab Commons at the TEC Full Stack Engineering (Rails, Sinatra, Node/Express, Phoenix, React, Redux, All SQL DBMS, NoSQL, Heroku/GCP/AWS, Docker, API Design, etc.), Web Development Skills (Git, Shell Scripting, Project CI, Task Management, etc.)
Blaire Zhang,
Technical Consultant
@Blaire Zhang
  • Monday 2-4 pm Friday 11-1 pm
Co-Lab Commons at the TEC iOS development (XCode/Swift), Full-stack web development (HTML/CSS/Javascript), React Native, Databases, APIs
Teddy Marchildon,
Technical Consultant
@Teddy Marchildon
  • Monday 3-5 pm Wednesday 3-5 pm
Canceled on 4/24 for LDOC. Sorry about that!
Co-Lab Commons at the TEC iOS development, Full Stack Engineering, Java and JavaScript, Multi-Threaded Environments, Ruby on Rails