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Ultimaker S3

Ultimaker S3 3D printer
Locations & Availability
TEC45Available 24 hours a day
Ruby15Available during Rubenstein Arts Center hours
Print Remotely

If you wish to 3D print remotely, you can do so at 3DPrinterOS.


Free PLA is provided. Please note that the Ultimaker S3 uses 2.85mm filament.

If you wish to use other materials such as specific PLA, ABS, or TPU, then you can make a reservation and print on the Ultimaker S5s at TEC!

What to Bring

To use the 3D printers, you'll need to slice a .STL file on 3DPrinterOS or Cura. You can export .STL files from your favorite CAD program or from websites like Thingiverse.

Once your part has printed, come to the location your part was printed in and find it on the Print Pickup Table, or remove it from the Ultimaker S3 bed and press the green check mark to confirm it's been removed.

Pro Tips
  • Print Bed Size: (W x D x H): 230 x 190 x 200 mm (9.1 x 7.4 x 7.9 in) 
  • Make sure the bottom of your file is actually flat and oriented parallel to the print bed. 
  • Bed Adhesion like a Brim or Raft keep your file stuck to the bed. Don’t print without them unless you know what you’re doing. 
  • If you slice your file in Cura, you can enable Tree Supports. 
  • PLA prefers to cut more than abrade. This means that sandpaper doesn’t work as well. Use deburring tools or cabinet scrapers to smooth out the edges and faces, respectively. 
  • What is the significance of the printer’s name?
    • The prefix shows where the printer is located. 
      TEC – Technology Engagement Center / Telcom 
      Ruby – Rubenstein Arts Center 
      Lilly – Lilly Library 
      The letter/number combo shows where it is on the shelf. 
      You’ll have to pick up your print from wherever the printer is located. 
  • Why can’t I see any printers to send my print to?
    • Make sure that your file is sliced for the Ultimaker S3s. If your job is sliced for an Ultimaker S5 or Ultimaker 3 then you can’t print it to an Ultimaker S3, so none will show up. 
  • What happens if I don’t see my print on the print pickup table?
    • Go to the Activity > Me tab in 3DPrinterOS and select your print job. If there isn’t a green checkmark in the corner, then it did not print successfully.  
    • If there is a check mark, then go over to the Timelapse tab and watch it.
    • If there isn’t a timelapse video, then it failed during printing. It could have also failed but the printer didn’t detect it, so kept printing spaghetti.
    • After watching the timelapse, you should have a good idea of the color, size, and location of your print, and you can check the print pickup table again. If it’s not there, then it could have been accidentally thrown away. If it’s been a couple of weeks since your print finished, then it almost certainly has.
  • Do we recycle the PLA?
    • No, recycled PLA just doesn’t print well compared to the effort that goes into making it. However, the metal and cardboard that’s used to make the spools can be recycled almost infinitely and we make sure to recycle those. Additionally, all of our usual black filament is made from recycled PLA.


Availability: Unstaffed Hours, Location: Ruby, Location: TEC, Material: Filament, Material: Plastic, Type: 3D Printer