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Tormach Mill

Tormach 440 CNC mill

Locations & Availability

TEC1Available during staffed hours in the Co-Lab Studio at TEC Garage

The Tormach Mill is ideal for compact, solid stock, such as: 

  • Metal 
  • Plastic
What to Bring 

Your material, your Fusion360 file, and a flash drive.

Pro Tips 
  • Make sure your endmill is sharp before cutting and keep your feed rates moderate. Fast feed rates combined with a dull endmill will result in the endmill getting stuck in your stock. That being said, some metals want to cut even faster or they’ll bind to the endmill, so just do some research. There’s a slider in PathPilot where you can control the feed and rpm while cutting. 
  • If you’re using coolant, then make sure it’s set to mist and not to faucet. This is adjusted manually with a knob on the coolant hose. 
  • Before you start cutting, make sure there’s enough coolant for your job. 
  • Before you start cutting, prime the oil circulation system. There’s a small T-handle behind the machine, just pull that out and release it until it doesn’t retract all the way.
  • How do I formally learn how to use the Tormach? 
    • As of the writing of this, there is no class at Duke where you can learn to use the Tormach. However, some student orgs with a focus on machining have taught their members in the past.
  • What’s the tolerance on the Tormach? 
    • +/- 0.005” is common, but it also largely depends on how accurate you are when setting up your material, zeroing, and toolpath. 


Availability: Staffed Hours, Location: TEC, Material: Metal, Type: Mill