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Shopbot Router

A large-format Shopbot router with an automatic tool changer

Locations & Availability

TEC32" x 24"Available during staffed hours in the Co-Lab Studio at TEC Garage
Ruby9' x 5'By reservation only: please submit Innovation Co-Lab's reservation request form

The Shopbot Router is ideal for cutting flat, rigid materials up to an inch thick, such as: 

  • Wood 
  • Plastic 
  • Aluminum
What to Bring 

Your material, your Fusion360 or VCarve file, and a flash drive.

Pro Tips 
  • Set your feed rate to be slower than what machinist forms or FSWizard would suggest. While the Shopbot is capable of cutting really quickly, realize that professional machinists are trying to produce as many things as possible in a day, and we’re a learning space. When it cuts slower, you have more time to react when something unexpected happens. 
  • When machining finger joints or other mechanical connections, add some extra tolerance. It can machine perfectly on the Shopbot, but once it’s released from its clamps and can bend again it won’t want to fit perfectly.
  • What can I make with the Shopbot?
    • Anything you can come up with, as long as it’s made from flat and relatively thin wood.
  • What's the difference between the TEC Shopbot and the Ruby Shopbot?
    • The Shopbot at the TEC is smaller, enclosed, and available during staffed hours.
    • The Shopbot at Ruby is larger, unenclosed, and only available with a reservation. Additionally, it has a vacuum hold down table and and automatic tool changer, so it can handle thin materials better.
  • How long will my job take?
    • When you generate a job in VCarve, it can give a pretty close estimate for how long your job will take. That being said, setting up your material will probably take longer than you expect, especially if it’s warped or doesn’t have much extra room for clamping, and doing a dry run will also take time.


Availability: Staffed Hours, Location: Ruby, Location: TEC, Material: Metal, Material: Plastic, Material: Wood, Type: Mill