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Cricut Vinyl Cutter

Cricut vinyl cutter

Locations & Availability

TEC2 (Maker 3)Available 24 hours a day
Ruby1 (Maker)Available during Rubenstein Arts Center hours

The Cricut Vinyl Cutters are ideal for cutting flat sheets of material up to 12 inches wide, such as: 

  • Vinyl 
  • Paper 
  • Fabric 
What to Bring 

Your material and a laptop with Cricut Design Space.

Pro Tips 
  • Favorite the material settings you use! It’ll make finding it again easier. 
  • Make sure to save your projects as you go. Cricut Design Space doesn’t autosave them. 
  • If you’re doing print then cut for things like stickers, add an offset and attach it behind your image. Cricut will try to cut the border of every single pixel if you tell it to, so the offset will cut faster and allow for some flexibility if the Cricut doesn’t line up the cut lines perfectly. 

It’s worth noting that the Cricut is the most documented machine we have in the Co-Lab, and there are tons of tutorials online!

  • How do I connect to the Cricut? 
    • Try plugging the USB cable into one of your device’s USB or USB-C outlets and then refresh your connection. If that doesn’t work, try another outlet. If that doesn’t work, try Bluetooth.
  • Where can I find the Cricut tools? 
    • Either in the Scraping drawer or inside the front flap of the Cricut.
  • I printed a sticker but the background is all black! 
    • In that case, you probably Printed to PDF. Plug your device into the printer and then print directly to the printer.
  • How do I make a more durable sticker? 
    • After printing your sticker out, you can attach a layer of adhesive laminate on top and then have the Cricut cut through both. You might need to figure out new settings to use from there.


Availability: Unstaffed Hours, Location: Ruby, Location: TEC, Material: Fabric, Material: Paper, Material: Vinyl, Type: Cutter