An iOS app to promote sharing among Duke students. Students can lend/borrow their belongings on the platform and view the status of their belongings conveniently

Team members

Han Yu,

Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, 2019

Yuansong Feng,

Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, 2019

Ruochen Hao,

Electrical/Computer Engineering, 2019

Yuxiang He,

Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, 2019

Project Updates

Project Notebook: Wheeshare Wrapup

Bill Yu has completed his Wheeshare project.  We’ll post a link soon to the appstore where you’ll be able to download it.  In the meantime, here’s some thoughts from Bill on the project:

“Duke Co-Lab Grant Project provided countless useful resources for me. I received funding at the beginning of the project and used it to buy online tutorials. I should say those tutorials transformed a naive developer into an iOS developer I am right now. Along the way, I had weekly meetings with my project manager, Mr. Faber. He has given me a lot of helpful suggestions and pointed out the ways my app could improve. As a result, the app became an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform from a single-screen demo. I appreciate this opportunity and I hope in the future I can come back with another project!”

December Update - Working on building and showing connections.  Some screenshots here on user flow

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