Voltabase is is a multirotor drone system that is designed to solve drone's battery problems (short flight time (10~20 min) and long charging time (about an hour)). This system involves two components: a drone and a base. The drone will communicate with the base and, when the battery is low, it will autonomously land on the base to automatically hot-swap the battery. The base will continuously charge and store three packs of batteries to make continuous flight mission possible. Essentially, the base works just like gas stations for cars, except the downtime is much shorter because the batteries get swapped, instead of getting charged. We are going to use the grant to build the charging station.

Team members

Kai Gaemin Lee, Mechanical Engineer and Software Developer

Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, 2018

Seth Goodman, Software Development

Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, 2018

Ian Grimes, Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering, 2018

Shreya Singh, Electrical Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2019

Avni Mehta, Electrical Engineer

Biomedical Engineering, 2019

Jake Morris, Software Development

Computer Science, 2020