Connected to either a WiFi or cellular network (depending on location), Ulla will provide pertinent information to riders about busses servicing a given stop. Ulla places huge emphasis on aesthetic appeal and architectural continuity… all while maintaining unparalleled convenience and practicality.

Team Members

Addison Winston, Industrial Design

Sociology, Markets & Management, ISIS, 2017

Noah Pritt, Software Engineer

Computer Science, ECE, 2019

Ross Winston, Project Lead

Undeclared, 2019

Project Updates

April 19, 2016

Melting wires. All part of the prototyping process. Nice job @noah_pritt ! #ulla

December 18, 2015

New Grant Project: Ulla

Ulla provides pertinent information to bus stop riders about busses servicing a given stop.

Over the last few weeks we have accomplished a few things: Developed basic code to integrate with TransLoc’s API and devices connected to our microcontroller Agreed upon an initial design to show and discuss with the Office of the University Architect Begun drafting internal electronics circuitry and researching the power requirements of various components.


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