Hard hat-mounted sensory bands implemented on high-temperature construction sites, monitoring heat stress and worker exertion. In combination, this data allows for independent scheduling of worker breaks, resulting in a virtually eliminated risk of heat exhaustion, and a noticeable increase in productivity.

Team members

Canyon Dell'Omo, Founder/CEO

Biology, 2018

Uzoma Bailey Ayogu, Software

ME, 2017

Project Updates

WorkerSense at Wellness Building Test


We conducted a motion study with Gilbane on the Wellness Building construction site. The purpose of the study was to ensure consistent and distinct categorization into exertion tiers on an individual basis. We successfully did so, and also collected detailed enough data to provide an assortment of other metrics, indicating a very positive outlook for the system as a means of tracking site productivity in any region- hot weather or not.


Phytotron testing completed, showed 98% accuracy throughout 12 simulated international climates ( In the process of fabricating a low volume run of prototype units for domestic pilot program with Skanska.