Smartphones are becoming cheaper, but data is not. SMSmart, an Android app, allows you to use your SMS texting plan as data source for your favorite apps such as Yelp and Google maps. SMSmart gives reliable, beautiful access to data whether you are looking to scrape a few bytes off your montly plan, or are traveling in India with access only to SMS.

Team members

Alan Ni, Developer

Computer Science, 2015

Jay Wang, Developer

Computer Science, 2015

Ben Schwab, Developer

Computer Science, Math, 2015

Project Updates

Students Create App that Could Make Life Easier for Travelers


Project Notebook: SMSmart

The past few weeks the team has been working on developing a basic Android app to the Yelp and Google maps API backend services. The team has also been hard at work researching distribution channels for the application, and also researching technical challenges of adding access to Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. We expect to have Yelp, Google Maps, and Trip Advisor fully functional by the end of October.