We believe in the positive impact of drone technology and therefore seek to accelerate the widespread adoption and acceptance of drones by the public. In the pursuit of our mission, we are creating the technology behind the management of drone fleets on demand. The business application of this technology has many use cases in the sectors of entertainment, delivery, and public safety.

Team members

Jeremy Zhang, Software and Electrical Engineering

Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, 2017

Vinny Fry, Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering, 2016

Sam Slezek, Software Engineer

Computer Science, Economics, 2016

Project Updates

With the 3D Robotics Solo, we were able to send the Solo to multiple GPS locations all using software operating on the onboard computer. The video below shows the Solo autonomously taking off to a height of 50 meters and then flying to two GPS locations before returning home.  No controller involved - all flying was done through the code that was sent to the computer.


Project Guardian Update

We are currently working out of the new Robotics lab in the North building. Our first quadcopter is fully functional and we are thoroughly testing it within the quadcopter flying space in the lab. We have also purchased a 3DR Solo to be used as the second quadcopter for this project. This purchase will speed up the development of the backend and prevent the hindrance from the dysfunctions of the constructed quadcopter. The backend is currently built using Android and Python and utilizes the DroneKit API provided by 3D Robotics.

New Grant: Project Guardian

The team is hitting the ground running; Jeremy has begun virtual drone simulations within the Mission Planner software while funding is en route, while Vinny finalizes the list of parts to be ordered mainly from 3DRobotics, and Sam begins looking at iOS architecture. The team hopes to receive an Educational Grant from 3DR that will provide parts at a discount as well as resources beyond the Duke community that will help our project grow. We hope to have most of the back-end aspects of the project up and running so that when parts arrive we can get to work early in 2016