Medicom is a secure peer-to-peer data transfer service that enables limitless file sharing capabilities (any size, any file) all within a user’s web browser. Our peer-to-peer architecture is completely embedded in the browser, eliminating the need to download a third party application or plugin. Data is never uploaded to a 3rd party server, ensuring that once file transfers are complete, no remnants of the file exist on the web. Ultimately, Medicom makes sharing large and confidential files faster and more secure. Our first use case has been in the Medical IT sector as we have specialized in allowing radiologists and referring physicians to send and receive DICOM files from other clinics. Medicom eliminates their need to export these files from a PACS archive to a CD to be sent through a postal service. DICOM files can range from 1mb to 500mb and Medicom is equipped to transfer files of any size quicker and more secure than any cloud service available. We are actively exploring more use cases as we believe the product can have a broad range of applications.

Team members

Cody Leovic, Business Manager

Economics, Cultural Anthropology, 2016

Project Updates

Project Update: Medicom

July 30th Update: Starting on August 3rd, we will begin implementing Medicom at Arizona Oncology. By mid-August, Arizonal Oncology will use Medicom for ALL image requests-completely replacing the use of CD’s with customers. This 30 day use case study will allow us to review all work flow and developmental needs for Medicom as well as introduce us to a network of potential clients. We are excited for this partnership and will post updates as we continue to foster this relationship.