Map It



The goal of this project is to make it easier for researchers to extract useful information from academic databases. These days, efficient knowledge discovery requires a different data structure than the list of articles most databases output -- it requires a list of ideas contained in each article, as well as other articles that have the same type of idea. (Blei, 2009) The main function of the MapIt website will be to automatically generate and visualize this network for each database query. There will also be additional features, that allow users to keep track of their research progress, pin notes, create collaborative hubs, etc.

Team Members

Kirti Kamboj, Project Developer

Statistics and Economics Graduate Student, 2015

Project Updates

April 21, 2015

Project Update: Map It

Work continues on the backend pipeline. Have finished coding the initial feature extraction and clustering algorithms, and am currently working on the visualizations. I expect to have a basic user interface finished by mid-May.


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