The Majors Wizard will be a simple website for students to use to plan out their education at Duke. A student will be able to enter any major/minor/certificate combination, and the Wizard will output a list of required courses for the combination as well as the electives that best overlap everything. This will be a convenient tool for students to use, since the goal is simplicity and efficiency.

Team members

Kavita Jain, Project Manager

Global Health/Evolutionary Anthropology, 2017

Michael Lee, Programmer

Computer Science, 2017

Project Updates

Majors Wizard Wrap-Up

The Majors Wizard’s original intention was to allow students an easy way to map out their academic path at Duke. Students would be able to enter any combination of three majors, minors, or certificates and the Majors Wizard would output a list of required courses for the major and highlight those that overlap the entered combination of course of study best.
While this project would be useful and valuable to students, due to the number of technical issues we ran into, the Majors Wizard has been terminated for the time being.
However, while this project has been ended there are still small changes to ACES that could help lead to a Majors Wizard in the future and also provide great benefits now. Two of these changes are a modification to the advanced search function and a change in the display of courses.
~Currently students can use the advanced search function to search for courses that fulfill a certain Trinity requirement and is within a specific department. An additional feature that should be added is a way to search for a course cross listed within two departments.
~When a student searches for a course, either using the advanced search or scrolling through the course catalog, the Course Code should also be given in the initial block of information displayed (i.e. Course codes should be visible along with course name, meeting times, professor, etc).

Project Update: Majors Wizard

12/1/14 Development has begun, but is still in its early stages. Currently our programmer is working on connected Aces and the course catalog to the Wizard website, while our project manager is working on categorizing courses as requirements and cross-over electives. Our goal is to have the site up and running by the spring semester, right in time major declaration!