The Interactive Autonomous Mobile Robot (IamRobot) is a portable robotic platform that can autonomously navigate itself in an indoor environment using the information gathered from its 3D sensors. It is designed to be helpful in a variety of settings, one being at the Innovation Co-Lab, where it can wirelessly connect to databases to report relevant information to Co-Lab patrons such as available 3D printers, or bring a visitor to the room where a seminar is being held. Users will be able to interact with it through its speakers, microphone, tablet display, and portable projector.

Team Members

Ted Zhu, Software Engineer and System Design

Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D., 2020

Akshit Budhraja, AI Software Engineer

Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D., 2021

Hsuan-Jung (Richi) Chen

Mechanical Engineering M.S., 2019

Project Updates

March 3, 2017

Project Update: IamRobot

2/24/2017 - Robot Base Constructed 


Today, we finished construction of the base of our robot. Our base consists of three omni-directional wheels, each driven by a 12V 251RPM DC Motor. The 3 wheels are placed in a circularly symmetric orientation equally spaced apart, the radial positioning of the wheels are within 2% error. We chose a 3-wheeled orientation because it would ensure that all the wheels would be in full contact with the ground, as three points define a plane. Additionally, a 3-wheeled omni-drive system simplifies navigational motion planning because it enables the bot to arbitrarily change its direction and speed on the fly. I.e., the 3-wheeled omni-drive system does not face the Parallel Parking Problem. 



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