GTHC is a mobile application that will centralize and organize all the logistical details of KVille so that tenters can focus on having fun, procrastinating schoolwork, and sending Carolina to...

Team members

Grant Besner, Team Lead

CS, I&E, 2019

Blake Kaplan, Technology Lead

CS, I&E, 2018

Ryan Bergamini, Back-end Mobile Developer

ECE, CS, 2019

Neil Wu, Mobile Developer

CS, 2019

Stephen Garrett, Mobile Developer

CS, 2019

Project Updates

Project Update 11/4

I’m having a bit of a rocky start getting this thing off of the ground. I’m incredibly passionate about this idea that I have but I’m not the most experienced in mobile software development. I recognize the timeframe that I have is rather limited, so I reached out to one of my friends to help me with the technological details of building a mobile application. He brought in two of his friends who had significant development knowledge and experience and we were ready to take on the world. We met several times to discuss the application and work out what features we actually needed, what would be nice if we had time, how we could manipulate the data, how to set up a server, etc. I learned a lot by talking with these guys, but a few days ago, they all called me and told me that they were overwhelmed with their coursework from CS 308 and couldn’t continue. “I’m screwed,” I thought to myself. There is no way that I’m ever going to finish this project in time for tenting season. However, I took a deep breath and regrouped. I managed to pull in Neil and Blake to the project recently and am really excited about working with them. Neil, like me, does not have significant development experience, but he is smart, willing to learn, and cares deeply about the goal of the project. Blake, who is studying abroad in London, interned at Google last summer and has a deep understand of Google API’s and how to use the Firebase server. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to house all of the tenters data (shifts, hours, etc.). At first I thought utilizing Google Calendars would be my best bet. However, after talking with Blake, Google sheets would make life so much easier for everyone. The API is incredibly simple to use and is very powerful. We’ll be able to store and manipulate all the data for every single tenting group efficiently. Part of the challenge here is the timeframe, and I think by not creating any new technology, but by synthesizing things that already exist, it will make it so easy for people to use, and that’s really the goal. To make life easy for people. The main features that this app will have are the Schedule Constructer and Hour Tracker. The schedule constructer will be a google spreadsheet with 30 min slots during the day, and shifts every night. Each user will be able to pick up available, shift, drop shifts, and trade shifts. Sheets provides easy commands to update, get, and clear values stored in the table. The key is just learning how to access them in an abstract way so that each user can do it. A user application will show their own personalized weekly shifts, as well as available shifts. If a shift is not taken, an alert will be sent to all of the users in a tent group. The hour tracker simple counts the shifts that each person has signed up for. If a person has significantly less hours logged, the app will tell them to take more shifts. There is a lot more that we can do with this app, but for now, that’s our main focus. Neil and I will be working together to create the UI/UX and get the Google API implemented in our XCode file and write most of the back-end. From there, Blake will take over and work on getting multiple devices talking to teacher through the server.