A mobile app that allows users in the same location to meet up based on matching help requests.

Team members

Judy Zhu, Founder

Mechanical Engineering, 2017

Jon Buie, Android Developer

MEMS, 2017

Peter Murphy, Business Lead

Masters of Engineering, 2017

Young-hoon Kim, Android Developer

MEMS, 2017

Francia Fang, Marketing

Neuroscience, French, Chemistry, 2019

Brian Lin, Developer

Computer Science, 2018

Vivian Li, UI/UX Designer

CS, 2016

Melody Iro, Marketing

Biomedical Engineering, 2018

Project Updates

Walla Wins the Duke Startup Challenge

Congratulations to the Walla team, led by Judy Zhu, for winning the Duke Startup Challenge! Walla began as an Innovation Co-Lab grant recipient, and has now launched and is available on both iOS and Android. To learn more about the app or to download, click here.

Judy Zhu founded Walla at Duke last year. A friend told her about the Co-Lab and the resources it offered for students running their own projects. She soon applied for the Co-Lab’s Innovation Grant. “The grant gave me the courage to start Walla. Receiving the Innovation Grant from the Co-Lab meant that someone believed that the idea could take off. Afterwards, we had meetings in the Co-Lab every single week.” Recently, they even laser cut Walla keychains in the Co-Lab. Judy hopes to use the prize from the Duke Startup Challenge to keep growing Walla until every student at Duke and other NC schools are using it. Judy has some final advice to those considering starting a project of their own, “If you have an idea, just go for it. There is never a ‘best time.’ The best time is now."