Fix My Campus (FMC) is a student-run organization at Duke that allows students to propose and discuss potential improvements to the campus. FMC maintains a facebook group page where students can go to post their proposals. This project improves the FMC system by the creation of (1) a mobile phone application where students can attach their location, media, and other details to their request, and (2) a web-based application where FMC administrators can login and view and interact with the new information coming from the mobile phone application. These applications will improve the user experience of participating students and the efficiency of the FMC workflow.

Team members

Jordan Malof, Leader & web developer

Electrical Engineering Graduate Student, 2015

Nick Czarnek, Web Development

Electrical Engineering Graduate Student, 2017

Kedar Prabhudesai, Mobile Developer

Electrical Engineering Graduate Student, 2017

Project Updates

Project Notebook: Fix My Campus

Hey all, our team has been hard at work over the last few months and we have a couple of great project updates:
–> We are happy to announce that the FMC mobile app will be available to Duke students for the Spring semester! This app will allow students to quickly add video, and images to their FMC Facebook requests.  It also allows anonymous requests for more sensitive issues.  Check out the app screenshots below! 
–> We are looking for a new developer to work on the app beginning sometime in the spring semester.  If you are interested please contact Innovation Co-Lab and let them know!

Project Notebook: Fix My Campus

This project involves the integration of several relatively new technologies, and ones that are certainly new to our team: the PhoneGap platform, and the facebook API. We experienced a lot of challenges in the first weeks beginning to work with both of them, however, during the last week we experienced some major successes! We have used PhoneGap to create an Android mobile application using standard web tools like HTML & javascript. We have also used the facebook API to post messages onto the FMC facebook page on behalf of individual facebook users. In the next week we will try to integrate these two technologies so that we can push student proposals from the mobile phone application onto the FMC facebook page.